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Hi I'm Rebecca, mum to Chloe (born June 2016). My FIT4MOM journey started in August 2016 in Northern Virginia. I had recently moved to the area and was eager to meet new friends and establish a new fitness routine. I've always been a fitness enthusiast (participating in Triathlons and being a Spin instructor), and I was excited at the possibilities that FIT4MOM held for me - not only for my health but also for my social life. As a first time parent, I was navigating the chaos of motherhood and transitioning from a much loved career to life as a stay at home mum. Just after Chloe’s 1st Birthday my husband was presented with a new job opportunity here in Madison which would bring us closer to his family. FIT4MOM Madison welcomed me with open arms and I knew I had found 'Home'.

My FIT4MOM journey started with the intention of just getting out the house a few times a week, and now I have the pleasure of owning this business and supporting a wonderful community of women who empower me to be the best version of myself. I'm so excited to be your FIT4MOM Madison Franchisee and...

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Lead Instructor

My name is Melissa and I am the lead instructor here at FIT4MOM Madison.

My journey with FIT4MOM began in 2005 when our family was living in Monterey. CA. At the time my son was 20 months old and I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter. I joined a friend who invited me for a class and immediately knew I had "stumbled upon" something so special and unique. It literally changed my life and the lives of my family.

After being a part of Stroller Strides for 2 months, I gave birth to my daughter and after my 6 weeks of recovery I began attending classes again. Soon after my maternity leave, I began training to become an instructor and shortly after that I bought that franchise.

I owned the Monterey, CA Franchise for 1.5 years , I grew personally and professionally and made many lifelong friends!

We moved from Monterey to TX in 2008, where I began instructing for another franchise. At the end of our time in TX, our kids were 5 and 3 and I was ready to move into a different stage in life. I instructed HIIT style boot camp classes for a...



My name is Angie Ryan. I am a Stroller Strides and Body Back instructor for Fit4Mom in Madison, Alabama. I have one daughter Named Penelope. My husband and I lived in Washington State for 5 years while he was in the Army. After that time we decided it was time to grow our family and settle down somewhere to raise kids and set some roots. We moved to the Madison area in May of 2016 after Penelope was born. We love the Madison area, especially since it is where my husband is from and where I found my Fit4Mom village.

I found Fit4mom, Stroller Strides after living in Madison for about 6 months. I was desperate to get back into shape and make new friends. After my first day, I was sold and have not looked back. After a few months of attending Stroller Strides I knew I wanted to become an instructor. In March of 2017, I received my certification in Stroller Strides and Body Back.

Fitness has always been an essential part of my life. I have played soccer since middle school, to include Division 1 NAIA in college. After I got married I continued to coach, play soccer and...


Run Coach/ Instructor

I remember being frustrated and tired of just trying SO HARD at everything...getting the baby weight off...being a new mom in a new place...trying to feel like myself again (Who was I now?)...finding new friends...

Then I found FIT4MOM!

I honestly feel in my heart of hearts that being a fitness instructor with Fit4Mom is what I am meant to do! My professional background is in teaching (I have taught every age from birth-5th grade!) so I definitely love the kiddos! Fitness has always been not just a hobby, but a lifestyle of mine. Starting back when we ran "The Mile" in 4th grade and I came in 2nd behind my best friend I became infatuated with running. Now, singing "B-I-N-G-O" at the top of my lungs while doing plank shoulder taps is a total dream! My goal for every class I teach is to keep the atmosphere fun and entertaining with games, music, and LOTS of singing and dancing...but to overall give the kind of workout that you'll keep coming back for! Personally, I can see a tremendous change in ALL my muscle groups, better posture, and more energy to equip me for...


Our Village Manager & Body Back Instructor

Playgroup Captain