Angie Ryan


My name is Angie Ryan. I am a Stroller Strides and Body Back instructor for Fit4Mom in Madison, Alabama. I have one daughter Named Penelope. My husband and I lived in Washington State for 5 years while he was in the Army. After that time we decided it was time to grow our family and settle down somewhere to raise kids and set some roots. We moved to the Madison area in May of 2016 after Penelope was born. We love the Madison area, especially since it is where my husband is from and where I found my Fit4Mom village.

I found Fit4mom, Stroller Strides after living in Madison for about 6 months. I was desperate to get back into shape and make new friends. After my first day, I was sold and have not looked back. After a few months of attending Stroller Strides I knew I wanted to become an instructor. In March of 2017, I received my certification in Stroller Strides and Body Back.

Fitness has always been an essential part of my life. I have played soccer since middle school, to include Division 1 NAIA in college. After I got married I continued to coach, play soccer and run distance. Fit4Mom helped me reach my fitness goals both personally and professionally. It helped me not only get back into shape, but meet an extraordinary group of Moms and kids. I look forward to sharing the love and passion I have for Fit4mom and our village.