Blaire Baxter

Run Coach/ Instructor

I remember being frustrated and tired of just trying SO HARD at everything...getting the baby weight off...being a new mom in a new place...trying to feel like myself again (Who was I now?)...finding new friends...

Then I found FIT4MOM!

I honestly feel in my heart of hearts that being a fitness instructor with Fit4Mom is what I am meant to do! My professional background is in teaching (I have taught every age from birth-5th grade!) so I definitely love the kiddos! Fitness has always been not just a hobby, but a lifestyle of mine. Starting back when we ran "The Mile" in 4th grade and I came in 2nd behind my best friend I became infatuated with running. Now, singing "B-I-N-G-O" at the top of my lungs while doing plank shoulder taps is a total dream! My goal for every class I teach is to keep the atmosphere fun and entertaining with games, music, and LOTS of singing and dancing...but to overall give the kind of workout that you'll keep coming back for! Personally, I can see a tremendous change in ALL my muscle groups, better posture, and more energy to equip me for chasing around my wild haired toddler! Lets do this mamas!!