Stacey R

Body Back Spring 2018

As a mom who works outside the home, finding time to workout can be a challenge. Body Back provided the structure, support, and accountability I needed to intentionally carve out time for myself, which in turn gave me more energy and strength (both mentally and physically) to make better use of my time and energy with my family and at work. Working out with other women provided emotional support as well, since we are all moms and "in the trenches" together; we get it. It was great being provided with new recipes for meals and snacks. Most were allergy-friendly or could be easily modified, which was a huge plus having an allergy kid. My physical transformation has been noticed, not just by hubby, but friends and coworkers as well, which is always a great esteem-booster for any woman! For all of these reasons, and having an awesome squad that still pushes me beyond the eight-week Body Back session, I am coming back for more!